Month: November 2013

J. Crew Winter Favorites

I love J.Crew all the time, but especially when they release their winter lines.  They provide the perfect balance of feminine and rustic, lending to a sassy, festive wardrobe!  Here are some of my favorites from this season!

Slope Time


As a skier, I love this sweater.  It would be perfect to wear in the lodge while drinking hot chocolate or for an afternoon of outdoor ice skating.  This sweater is warm without being bulky, perfect for a chilly winter afternoon!

Lady Lumber


This jacket reminds me of a fabulous lumberjack!  I love pieces that have sleeves in a different pattern or color than the body of the top, it really adds a special pop to the outfit.  This jacket is GREAT! It would be perfect to dress up or down.  Casual: pair with a turtleneck and jeans.  Dressy: pair with a ruffle blouse, ankle pants and heels.

Visions of Plaid Dancing Through My Head


Who doesn’t love pajamas?  This nightshirt is the perfect thing to sleep in during the winter.  It is flannel, so it’s warm, but it isn’t long so it’s not hot.  What more could a girl ask for?

A Winning Combination


What a perfect combination! I have always had a love affair with tweed and glitter and here they are. together. on shoes.  I think I’m in heaven.  I can just see these being worn with a classic black dress for work or a sassy red for a party.  Did I mention that the sole is completely covered in glitter?  It is.

Baubles Baubles Everywhere


I’m not usually one for anything but stud earrings, but these really caught my eye.  They are simply, but glam.  I like that they are gold and crystal, it makes them easy to wear with everything.  To me, the winter means everything can be just a little bit more over the top than normal.  You can wear red on red or red and green together, the jewelry is more glitzy and the shoes are more sassy.  These earrings could be the perfect statement to add to an otherwise simple outfit for work or they could be the sparkle on top of your already fabulous outfit for the night out.

What are your favorite winter pieces??


Black Friday

Wooohooo! Black Friday is finally here!  I love Black Friday, but I hate the crowds.  If you can brave the enormous number of people (and elbows shoving into your sides) you can get some really good deals.  My family and I went out last night when the mall opened and we got some steals!

Banana Republic was having 40% the entire store and I got this ADORABLE blouse I’ve been lusting over for months.


I also got this sweater, which I’m super excited to wear with a white button down underneath – belted of course!


Gap was having everything 50% off and I snagged these great pants for work!


Are you going Black Friday shopping, or have you already been?  What did you get??

Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

When it starts getting closer to the holiday season, and temperatures begin to drop, is when I really dive into my favorite plaid pieces.  I love plaid – flannel, tights, blouses, skirts.  You name it.  Here are some of my favorite plaid pieces this season!

Anthropologie Plaid Loafers


These shoes speak for themselves.  They would be perfect with a black dress and tights, or cuffed boyfriend jeans.  They would add the perfect pop to your outfit, seasonal and classy, what more can you ask for?

C. Wonder Plaid Skinny Jeans


I recently discovered this amazing boutique called C. Wonder.  I was roaming around the Southpoint Mall, and of course I was magnetically drawn to the Lilly store.  I was pleasantly surprised by Lilly’s new neighbor, C. Wonder.  They have loads of adorable pieces that are timeless, yet trendy – like Lilly.  These pants are no exception.  They are dark enough to where they aren’t in your face, yet they add the pizazz that every outfit needs.

Ralph Lauren Plaid Gloves


Oh, Ralph.  You’ve done it again.  I am a self-proclaimed Ralph Lauren addict.  I attribute that to my mother and her excellent taste, she got me started at a young age.  These gloves are magical.  Too far? Maybe, but I’m not ashamed.

What are your favorite plaid pieces this season??


Can I just take a moment to talk about how obsessed with stacks I am?  I keep my own pretty standard, meaning I wear the same stack all the time.  But I love looking at other girls’ stacks.  Each person’s stack is unique to them, and most of the time the bracelets tell a story.  What a trendy way to tell a story, right?


My stack is filled with my favorite Betsey Johnson watch (I never really joined the Michael Kohrs watch trend), a bracelet with ‘525159’ engraved on it (it’s the code shared by my best friends and I) and the Pandora bracelet my parents gave me for high school graduation.

I like to peruse Pinterest to see what other people wear on their wrists.  Here are some of my favorites!

A Delicate Edge



I love this one because it has the edgy spike bracelets, which are complemented with delicate, lace-like bracelets and a simple watch.  It is a full wrist, without being overpowering.

Classic Sass



Everything about these stacks reminds me of Ralph Lauren.  It’s probably the smooth combination of the beige cowl-neck sweater sand the brown and gold accessories.  Or maybe it is the chunky gold bracelet with the matching ring.  Either way, I love everything about the accessories and the sweater.

Pretty In Pink



If Elle Woods existed in 2013, this would be the stack she would wear.  Everything about this screams ‘Legally Blonde’.  Can’t you imagine her doing the bend-and-snap in this?  The softness of the bow, the pink and gold and the fierce spikes make this stack worthy of even the girliest girl.

New to stacks?  My recommendation is starting with a nice watch and adding bracelets that complement one another, as well as the watch.  You also want to wear something that represents you, it is your wrist after all 🙂

How do you wear your stack: Is it composed of sentimental items, or do you change it out based on your outfit?  I’d love to see!

My Favorite Music Generators

I don’t know about you, but I love listening to music.  It creates the soundtrack of our lives, right?  I always seem to teeter back and forth between Pandora, Songza and Spotify – still not really sure about which one I like best, they all have their ups and downs but here are some of the things I like about each.


Picture 10Pandora is great because you can put a song into the generator and it will create a channel full of songs similar to that one.  I really like that because then I don’t have to put much thought into what song comes on AND I get to discover new songs along the way.  One thing I don’t like is how many commercials it has.  It’s a major bummer when I’m in the middle of a run or completing a task at work and then my rhythm is broken because of a commercial, especially when there are ads on the sides of the website.  But overall, I really like Pandora.


Picture 9I can’t even begin to express how much I LOVE Songza.  You can choose your playlist based on your mood, the time of day or activities you are participating in.  The songs they play actually suit the classifications you choose, which is GREAT!  So if I’m in the mood to dance around my living room, all I have to do is declare that as my mood and there I have it: dance party in my living room!


Picture 11Spotify is really similar to iTunes, in that you select a song from the search menu and put it into your chosen playlist.  The commercials are minimal and you get to have all your favorite songs in order, by playlist for FREE.  The only catch is that you can only have it on your computer.  In order to have it on your phone (or commercial free) you have to pay monthly.  I really enjoy Spotify because I can create playlists and give them my own titles.

What are your favorite music generators?!

Slowing Down

Finding Peace

I tend to put a lot of stress on myself, mostly unnecessary stress.  I forget to rejoice over the simple things and I am always looking to the next step.  In high school, it was college.  In college, it was getting a job.  And now, here I am.  I’m an adult, in the real world and I’m realizing that I never stopped to just enjoy the now.

So that is my current project, working on putting more of an emphasis on the now.  Slowing down just enough to notice my surroundings and enjoy all of the exciting things that are happening in my life as a young professional.

How do you slow yourself down?