Saturday Morning Breakfast

I don’t get to cook breakfast for myself during the week because I’m in a hurry to get out the door for work, so it’s usually just cereal for me.  On the weekends, I take the time to make a warm breakfast, it’s becoming my Saturday morning tradition.  This Saturday, I decided on scrambled eggs with Brie Cheese and some buttermilk waffles.  Let me tell you, it was so good!  Even when I’m eating alone, I like to plate my food well.  I think there is something to be said about pampering yourself as well as others.  I tend to get carried away doing things for others and I forget to take care of myself, so it’s the little things that make life better.  I’m a huge supporter of presentation, I think it is important.  When you go to a restaurant, you expect the food to look nice, so why not when you’re at home?  You should try it next time, the extra three seconds will be totally worth it!



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