The Fox – Glamourized

It seems to me like the Fox Song came out and suddenly I am noticing fox themed items everywhere.  Maybe they were already there and I was just oblivious, but really they are everywhere.  When I was first introduced to the song I thought it was crazy, then I heard a band cover it at the Bluegrass Festival in Raleigh and I thought, “Ok, maybe this is a real thing” and then…I heard it on the radio.  It is beyond me how a song about what kind of noise a fox makes is so popular, but it is really catchy.

In light of the trendy fox, here are some of the pieces I’ve found intriguing:


Check out the video from the Bluegrass Festival, they actually sound pretty good!  (*NOTE: it sounds better if you close your eyes, the girl in front of me was going a little crazy! haha)


Do you have any fox items you love??


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