My Favorite Music Generators

I don’t know about you, but I love listening to music.  It creates the soundtrack of our lives, right?  I always seem to teeter back and forth between Pandora, Songza and Spotify – still not really sure about which one I like best, they all have their ups and downs but here are some of the things I like about each.


Picture 10Pandora is great because you can put a song into the generator and it will create a channel full of songs similar to that one.  I really like that because then I don’t have to put much thought into what song comes on AND I get to discover new songs along the way.  One thing I don’t like is how many commercials it has.  It’s a major bummer when I’m in the middle of a run or completing a task at work and then my rhythm is broken because of a commercial, especially when there are ads on the sides of the website.  But overall, I really like Pandora.


Picture 9I can’t even begin to express how much I LOVE Songza.  You can choose your playlist based on your mood, the time of day or activities you are participating in.  The songs they play actually suit the classifications you choose, which is GREAT!  So if I’m in the mood to dance around my living room, all I have to do is declare that as my mood and there I have it: dance party in my living room!


Picture 11Spotify is really similar to iTunes, in that you select a song from the search menu and put it into your chosen playlist.  The commercials are minimal and you get to have all your favorite songs in order, by playlist for FREE.  The only catch is that you can only have it on your computer.  In order to have it on your phone (or commercial free) you have to pay monthly.  I really enjoy Spotify because I can create playlists and give them my own titles.

What are your favorite music generators?!


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