Can I just take a moment to talk about how obsessed with stacks I am?  I keep my own pretty standard, meaning I wear the same stack all the time.  But I love looking at other girls’ stacks.  Each person’s stack is unique to them, and most of the time the bracelets tell a story.  What a trendy way to tell a story, right?


My stack is filled with my favorite Betsey Johnson watch (I never really joined the Michael Kohrs watch trend), a bracelet with ‘525159’ engraved on it (it’s the code shared by my best friends and I) and the Pandora bracelet my parents gave me for high school graduation.

I like to peruse Pinterest to see what other people wear on their wrists.  Here are some of my favorites!

A Delicate Edge



I love this one because it has the edgy spike bracelets, which are complemented with delicate, lace-like bracelets and a simple watch.  It is a full wrist, without being overpowering.

Classic Sass



Everything about these stacks reminds me of Ralph Lauren.  It’s probably the smooth combination of the beige cowl-neck sweater sand the brown and gold accessories.  Or maybe it is the chunky gold bracelet with the matching ring.  Either way, I love everything about the accessories and the sweater.

Pretty In Pink



If Elle Woods existed in 2013, this would be the stack she would wear.  Everything about this screams ‘Legally Blonde’.  Can’t you imagine her doing the bend-and-snap in this?  The softness of the bow, the pink and gold and the fierce spikes make this stack worthy of even the girliest girl.

New to stacks?  My recommendation is starting with a nice watch and adding bracelets that complement one another, as well as the watch.  You also want to wear something that represents you, it is your wrist after all 🙂

How do you wear your stack: Is it composed of sentimental items, or do you change it out based on your outfit?  I’d love to see!


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