Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

When it starts getting closer to the holiday season, and temperatures begin to drop, is when I really dive into my favorite plaid pieces.  I love plaid – flannel, tights, blouses, skirts.  You name it.  Here are some of my favorite plaid pieces this season!

Anthropologie Plaid Loafers


These shoes speak for themselves.  They would be perfect with a black dress and tights, or cuffed boyfriend jeans.  They would add the perfect pop to your outfit, seasonal and classy, what more can you ask for?

C. Wonder Plaid Skinny Jeans


I recently discovered this amazing boutique called C. Wonder.  I was roaming around the Southpoint Mall, and of course I was magnetically drawn to the Lilly store.  I was pleasantly surprised by Lilly’s new neighbor, C. Wonder.  They have loads of adorable pieces that are timeless, yet trendy – like Lilly.  These pants are no exception.  They are dark enough to where they aren’t in your face, yet they add the pizazz that every outfit needs.

Ralph Lauren Plaid Gloves


Oh, Ralph.  You’ve done it again.  I am a self-proclaimed Ralph Lauren addict.  I attribute that to my mother and her excellent taste, she got me started at a young age.  These gloves are magical.  Too far? Maybe, but I’m not ashamed.

What are your favorite plaid pieces this season??


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