J. Crew Winter Favorites

I love J.Crew all the time, but especially when they release their winter lines.  They provide the perfect balance of feminine and rustic, lending to a sassy, festive wardrobe!  Here are some of my favorites from this season!

Slope Time


As a skier, I love this sweater.  It would be perfect to wear in the lodge while drinking hot chocolate or for an afternoon of outdoor ice skating.  This sweater is warm without being bulky, perfect for a chilly winter afternoon!

Lady Lumber


This jacket reminds me of a fabulous lumberjack!  I love pieces that have sleeves in a different pattern or color than the body of the top, it really adds a special pop to the outfit.  This jacket is GREAT! It would be perfect to dress up or down.  Casual: pair with a turtleneck and jeans.  Dressy: pair with a ruffle blouse, ankle pants and heels.

Visions of Plaid Dancing Through My Head


Who doesn’t love pajamas?  This nightshirt is the perfect thing to sleep in during the winter.  It is flannel, so it’s warm, but it isn’t long so it’s not hot.  What more could a girl ask for?

A Winning Combination


What a perfect combination! I have always had a love affair with tweed and glitter and here they are. together. on shoes.  I think I’m in heaven.  I can just see these being worn with a classic black dress for work or a sassy red for a party.  Did I mention that the sole is completely covered in glitter?  It is.

Baubles Baubles Everywhere


I’m not usually one for anything but stud earrings, but these really caught my eye.  They are simply, but glam.  I like that they are gold and crystal, it makes them easy to wear with everything.  To me, the winter means everything can be just a little bit more over the top than normal.  You can wear red on red or red and green together, the jewelry is more glitzy and the shoes are more sassy.  These earrings could be the perfect statement to add to an otherwise simple outfit for work or they could be the sparkle on top of your already fabulous outfit for the night out.

What are your favorite winter pieces??


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