Favorite Onesies


Anyone who knows me is aware of how much I enjoy wearing my onesie.  It is so comfortable and warm!  I’ve been thinking about getting another one, and here are the ones I’ve marked as my top picks!

J. Crew – Footless Striped


The pro to this onesie is that is doesn’t have any feet, so it can move with you rather than pulling on your shoulders when you stretch your toes – which can make sleeping quite uncomfortable.  But as far as lounging around the house, you would still have to wear socks, which almost defeats the purpose of a onesie.  It is super cute though, with the stripes and buttons ❤

Raaaaawwr – Target


Lalalalala leopard!  I’m loving the leopard prints this season, but I can’t decide if this is too much or not.  The cat faces on the feet are so cute but I may be overwhelmed by the print.

Macy’s Minnie Mouse


This one might be my favorite!  It’s pink AND Disney, a winning combination in my book.  And I really like that it has a hood with ears on it.  Maybe it’s a tad young but hey, go big or go home right?

Walmart “Things”


I really like Dr. Seuss and I think these Thing 1&2 pjs are presh.  They even have the characters on the feet!!

Do you wear a onesie, or are you planning to buy one?


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