One Tree Hill Soundtrack

I’ve been super wrapped up in watching One Tree Hill lately.  I never really got into it when it first came out, but most of my friends watched it.  Recently, it came up in conversation and I went home to discover that all 9 seasons were on Netflix.  Can I get a HOORAY!?  I’m already on season 4, with no shame.

One thing about the show that I’ve noticed is how incredible the soundtrack is.  Like, every scene has a perfect song playing in the background.  I have no idea how many hours the producers of the show spent deciding what music would play behind each scene, but they are on point every time.  Each song evokes the exact emotions that should be present based on the situation being portrayed in the scene.

Obviously, I’m not the only person who feels this way.  There is an entire website dedicated to all of the One Tree Hill Music, you should check it out here.

You can choose the music based on the scene, season, episode, etc.  If you’re in search of a song from ANY scene you can pretty much find it at the drop of a hat on the ‘One Tree Hill Music’ Website.

Go ahead, indulge!


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