What About Free Time?

When I was still in college I couldn’t wait to graduate so I could be free and do whatever I wanted with my time.  Now that I’m in the real world and “free” I realize that I have never had less free time.  Most of my 24 hours are spent working or sleeping.  I still try to make it to the gym, when I’m not too tired.  I sometimes work from home because I felt like I didn’t accomplish enough at work that day.  I cook and clean and then by the end of completing all my chores, I’m out of time.  I still want time for friends, crafting, shopping and other hobbies I have but I somehow end up only being able to do those things on the weekend.  The meaning of time management has never been more clear to me.  I’ve been trying to work on prioritizing so that I know when to just rest.  I try to sit back, breath and reflect on the things in my life I enjoy.  It makes me a much happier person.

I make time for the things I enjoy.  It may mean less sleep, or waiting an extra day to finish my laundry but sometimes it’s really worth it.

Sometimes I really feel overwhelmed, like my life is spinning out of control.  When I begin to feel this way I try to just sit back and breathe.  There’s nothing else I can do but find the silver lining in every situation, and breathe.  Life’s a journey and it’s time I start experiencing it, rather than stressing about it.


This image is from one of my favorite places in Boone: Howard’s Knob.  It had a perfect view of App’s campus and the mountains surrounding it.  It was beautiful during the day or at night and it was where I chose to go every time I needed a break from reality and just needed to wind down and self reflect.

How do you relieve stress?


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