Is it too Cruella?

Growing up, 101 Dalmatians was my favorite Disney movie.  It was my go-to movie every time my parents asked what I wanted to watch.  I was always confused as to why Cruella wanted to wear dalmatian coats, etc.  Now that I’m older I understand the draw of spots – but of the faux variety.

Looking for some great ways to wear your spots?  Look no further!



I’m all about some smoking shoes this season, and the dalmatian-smoking shoe combination has my head spinning!  I’ve paired them with a quilted leather skirt for some contrast, plus some red and cold as accent colors.  I love black, white and red together and gold accessories top off the combo!



I love all the shapes going on here!  The round purse compliments the spots in the dress while the pointed-toe shoes add a nice contrast to the otherwise soft lines in the outfit.  I LOVE this dress.  It is sassy and classic.  Did anyone see Kate Middleton wear the dalmatian coat?  This dress reminds me of a more wearable (aka: casual) version of her coat.  The red tights add a little pizazz to the dress.  Don’t like red tights?  Wear black instead!



I love the ruffles of the blouse paired with this feminine cut skirt.  The bow on the shoes and the cape really make this a feminine ensemble.  I’m such a girly girl that this is perfect.  Since only the shoes and belt are red, the red lipstick adds a nice balance to the outfit so the combination is linear and not just on the bottom half!



In true Cruella form, we’ve got a dalmatian patterned coat!  Again, we’ve got the black, white and red color combination with gold accents, but really.  Isn’t it a great combo?!

If you like these outfits, check out my Polyvore for more sets I’ve created:)


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