Happy Juan-uary!

The Bachelor is finally back! I am so thrilled because, for me, it’s like the female version of March Madness.  My friends and I always watch it together, usually over homework but this year will be a little different.  Since we’ve all graduated, we’re going to have to settle for watching it together, virtually.  That means Skype, cell phones, etc.  But we are still going to make sure to complete our brackets so we can see which of us was the most accurate!

There are a couple of different ways you can complete your bracket.

1.  You can fill it all out right now before the season starts and base it completely on the women’s profiles.

2.  You can fill it all out tonight after you meet the women and see their interactions with Juan Pablo.

3.  You can fill it out after each night.

The third option is my favorite because I think it makes it a little more interactive, plus The Bachelor is a little bit different than a basketball tournament.  With basketball, you are able to research the team’s histories and find an accurate account of all of their records.  With The Bachelor, you only know what is told to you in hmm like 5 minutes.  I personally don’t think that’s enough time to determine who someone is going to marry, but it’s up to you!

Happy bracket-ing!

bachelor bracket


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