Month: March 2014

Cooler Painting Season

Welcome to cooler painting season!  It’s time for girls to start shopping for dresses, dates and, most importantly, their cooler themes.  Last year I decided to make a cooler for my spring break trip with my friends, and I loved it!  It was really fun getting to decide the theme for each side, and painting it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.  It required a lot of paint and Modge Podge, but the end result was so worth it.

Looking to paint your own cooler?  Here is a list of some things you’re going to need:

1.  A theme.

For mine, I decided to make each side have a different theme that represented me in some way, but the overall theme was Spring Break!



2.  Good Paint Brushes

Your brushes are key, because you don’t want the bristles to come out in the paint and stay on the cooler.  It looks bad and is also just really annoying when you put so much time into painting it perfectly.

3.  Lots of Paint

I can not stress this enough.  Paint paint paint.  You are going to have to lay it on pretty thick so that it will cover the plastic of the cooler.  It takes some time to dry, but I promise it’s worth it.

4.  A Bottle of Modge Podge

Modge Podge is really important because it’s what helps protect and seal your paint.  I even put shellack on top of that to further protect the paint.  You’re still going to have some chipping, but it will help keep it to a minimum.  I did about 4 layers of MP and one of shellack.

5.  Sponge Brushes

I found that sponge brushes were the best for applying MP and shellack.  I had to throw them away afterwards because I couldn’t get all the sealant out of them, but it was worth it.  They help spread it evenly and give you a smooth, glossy finish.



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Want some more ideas?  Check out my Pinterest board!



5 Creative (EASY) Hair Styles

I like to shake up the monotony of my morning routine by changing how I do my hair. I usually just straighten it and go on my way, but every once in a while, when I’m really needing a change, I do something creative with my hair.  These are some of my favorite ideas for how to do my hair for work when I’m needing a little extra oomph in my ensemble.

1.  Braided Front

2. Side Bun


3. Top Knot


4. Side Braid

5. Light Curls


A-Line Skirts

A-line skirts are so classy and add the perfect pizazz to what would otherwise be a simple outfit.  They are perfect for a day with the girls, or a busy work day.  Transitional pieces are key to making any wardrobe stretch.  I’m always looking for pieces I can wear more than one way.  These are some of my absolute favorite a-line skirts right now!

1. ASOS A-Line Skirt in Scuba

Image 4 of ASOS Stripe A-Line Skirt In Scuba

2. Le Centre Pompidou Skirt

Le Centre Pompidou Skirt - Blue, Solid, Casual, Mid-length, Exclusives, Nautical, Belted, Best Seller, Work, Variation, Basic, A-line, Blue

3. Gene Skirt

gene skirt

4. Vibrant Floral Skater Skirt

5. Factory Pleated Printed Skirt




It’s no secret that I drink a lot of coffee.  Lately, I’ve really enjoyed drinking my coffee out of teacups, instead of mugs.  They are so much more delicate and make me feel a bit more relaxed.  If I’m drinking out of a mug, I feel like I’m on my way to work.  But, if I drink out of a teacup, I feel like I’m sitting in the sun sipping tea and eating macaroons.  Ok, so it’s a bit far fetched, but when you lead a fast paced life you have to focus on the little things!

These are some of my absolutely favorite tea cups right now!

1. Sissinghurst Castle Mug

I love how feminine this floral cup is.  It’s perfect for a breezy spring morning.

2.  Vintage Aynsley Teal Teacup


This cup is so pretty and delicate.  The gold and teal are a perfect color combination.

3. Grace Avenue Cup

grace avenue cup

Kate Spade never disappoints.  I love her Grace Avenue dinnerware and I was thrilled to see that there was a teacup to match.  Now THIS is a cup to use for tea whilst eating macaroons.  Dreaming of NYC…

4. Ikat Tea for One Set

Gold is so in right now.  I love that this is a tea for one set.  Tea pots are such a classy accessory to have.  Perfect touch so you don’t have to keep brewing tea.

5. Tea for Two Cup

Tea For Two Cup

Words can’t even express how much I love this!  It’s the perfect thing for couples.  They fit together perfectly, like you and your sweetie, right? 😉

On My Radar

One of my favorite bloggers regularly writes an “on my radar” post.  I looked for different ways to say the same thing, and nothing had the same ring to it.  I love that she compiles different things that are all noteworthy, but may not fall into any of the same categories.  It is the perfect way to highlight popular, interesting things that don’t necessarily have any relation to one another.  So, here goes!

1.  Revenge


My friend just introduced me to this show and I have essentially been watching it non-stop.  At first, I wasn’t sold, but the more I watch it, the more intrigued I become.  Seriously, it’s a show worth watching.  I would say it takes about three episodes to really get into it, but it’s so good!

2.  Tone it Up


I started watching these exercise videos this summer and then completely forgot about them.  I recently stumbled across their website via Pinterest and was reminded of how awesome they are!  These girls are so uplifting and they almost form a friendship with you.  They have recipes, workouts and clothes on their website.

3.  May Designs

My best friend gave me one of these for Christmas and it looks so perfect on my desk.  I would venture to say that it inspires productivity.  The website is really user friendly and has so many different options for covers and also for the pages inside.  They even just released a new calligraphy practice book!

4. Dairy-Free Milk

I’m lactose-intolerant.  I always have been, but I love dairy products so much that I have a really hard time giving them up.  Lately, I’ve made a resolution to start taking care of my body, and that means listening to it when it tells me it doesn’t like something.  So, I’ve cut dairy products out.  I’ve started trying out different types of milk: soy, almond and coconut are the highlights.  I actually really like the coconut milk, it’s a really different taste but it’s so good!

5. Flirty Exercise Clothes

Run: Speed Squad Tank

I’ve always been a runner, but with my knee injury, I’ve been forced to get creative with my exercise routines.  This means that I spend a lot more time in the gym than I do outside, and shorts and a t-shirt just don’t cut it when you’re surrounded by soccer moms and country club wives who are dressed to the nines.  I’ve seen women working out in their Yurman and pearls.  I’ve come to realize that the way women are dressing for the gym is more versatile than I originally thought.  The clothes are meant to be worn running errands, going to the nail salon and also going to the gym.  The helps to avoid having several outfit changes throughout the day.  Genius.

Blast from the Past Top Knot


© 1995 Paramount HE. All rights reserved

If you’re a 90’s kid then you remember the infamous movie, ‘Clueless.’  It was on TV this weekend, so naturally I  watched it.  I was shocked to find that Cher wore a top knot to with her party dress.

I always find it funny that fashion really does cycle back through.  The fashion of the 90s is reincarnated in 2014 via the ‘hipster’ looks, top knots and mega-tight (and short) dresses/skirts.  Cher was a fashion icon in her own right, and her legacy lives on as we continue to wear top knots with our mini skirts 🙂

Perfectly Preppy


Happy March!!  March has always felt like the beginning of Spring to me. I know Easter isn’t until April, and that is the true beginning of Spring, but I can’t shake the feeling that Spring starts now.  Whether its because it’s when my sorority has their annual philanthropy event, or because colleges let their students out for Spring Break in March.  Either way, I’m itching for Spring!

With Spring comes colorful fashion, decor and activities.  Spring is also the beginning of preppy season, which then flows into summer.  Sure, preppy is a lifestyle, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, spring and summer are the peak seasons.

Ready to get into the preppy mindset?  Here are some of my favorite images to march into Spring 😉

chatham-ivy:Via: PinterestFor more preppy lifestyle follow Chatham Ivy.

For more preppy lifestylefollow Chatham Ivy.