Active Style

I love being outside, but I tend to get frustrated when I’m trying to decide what to wear.  I know that I will, inevitably, end up taking pictures and I don’t want to look like a hot mess in my old t-shirt and running shorts.  I’m envious of all the Pinterest pictures of women dressed in their afternoon best to go for a hike.  I’m sorry, but that just isn’t real life for me…I don’t really want to ruin my favorite blouse, so what is the happy medium?  I have a few ideas for how ways to look great while being active, without sacrificing your favorite clothes!

1.  Scarves



As we all know, a scarf can dress up any outfit.  Luckily, you can find a lot of scarves for next to nothing and they are the perfect way to jazz up your outdoor gear.  If it’s raining, then it is a perfect accessory to that raincoat!

2.  PFG


This one is kind of a “duh!” PFG is made to be worn outdoors, and sorority women have been making it their own by monogramming it.  I am obsessed with mine.  It’s perfect as a bathing suit coverup but is also a great top for when I’m wanting to do basically anything outside, especially when it involved water!

3.  Designated “Outdoor Wear”


I have a few pieces of clothing I have designated as my “outside clothes”.  Most of them were found at goodwill or are things I’ve had for a while, so I don’t mind messing them up, but they are still cute.  I have fleece pullovers, tights, vests, flannels and jeans!  Basically  anything I think would be fun and look cute in pictures.

4.  Bean Boots



Most girls wear Bean boots for fashionable purposes, but they are really multi-functional.  You can get them completely muddy and they wash right off and look perfect again.  Why not wear them hiking one day and then around town the next?  That’s the whole point of L.L. Bean, right?

5.  Five Fingers



These are the weirdest, most wonderful shoes ever.  They feel super weird at first but as your feet get used to them they are perfect and they add a super fun little touch to any outdoor getup!


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