My Weekend

What I weekend I just had!  It was filled with adventures that are stepping stones towards meeting a lot of my goals.  I love to write, and about a year ago I started writing a book.  Recently I’ve been feeling a complete mental block and haven’t made much progress, but after the conference I went to on Saturday, I feel completely refreshed and ready to write again.


I woke up at 5:00 on a Saturday morning so that I could be in Greensboro at 8:00 for a writing conference I’ve been looking forward to for months.  I was completely impressed by the caliber of people I met.  I anticipated meeting a few people who were serious about writing, but I was really surprised to meet so many people who shared my passions.  I get made fun of A LOT for speaking like I write, so I really work hard to sound normal.  When I blog, I write like I’ve learned to speak, which is very conversational.  But when I write in my book I try to make sentences sound as pretty as possible.  I am infatuated with language and love forming sentences that allow me to fall back in love with stringing words together to form meaning.

The morning began with me sitting in my first session and the professor saying something along the lines of “the terrifying tyranny of a blinking cursor on a blank page,” and it hit me spot on.  I find blank pages to be daunting, so I will often sit in front of my computer screen for several minutes before I gather enough courage to put my fingers on the keys.  This was exactly what I needed to hear to get in the right mindset to soak everything in.

If you’re a writer, of any type, I really recommend trying to attend one of these conferences.  It is so helpful to get input from other writers, as well as professors and publishers or editors.  There is so much to learn and one of these may be exactly what you need to give your writing fresh life that it was lacking before.

On my way home I decided to make a pit stop in Mebane at the Tanger Outlets and I am so glad I did!  I originally went to check out the new Vineyard Vines store, but was sorely disappointed so I made my way over to J.Crew, which is always sure to cheer me up nad cheer me up it did!  They were having an additional 60% off clearance sale.  Those are my favorite, but I somehow managed to control myself and only buy a couple of things.  And by a couple, I mean two.  Literally.

I got this super cute, really versatile blouse, which I am actually wearing to work today!

Factory tipped draped tank

And these sunny shorts.  They are the 5″ chinos and are perfect.  I think they might even look cute with the top I just bought 🙂  I’m excited to get creative with them.

Factory 5" chino short

Sunday Morning I woke up to find that virtually everywhere in Raleigh was blocked off due to the MARATHON that was taking place.  I’m a runner, so I respect the fact that they are running, but it’s the people who plan the race that I’m confused about.  Who would put a race in the middle of the city?  Maybe it’s my mountain roots coming out, but it seems like at least some of it could have been on a less busy road or even a trail!  Raleigh has an awesome greenway system, use those!  Anyway, so I finally made it to Cameron Village, this adorable shopping area near N.C. State, to find that nothing opened until 1:00.  This gave me the opportunity/forced me to go to Starbucks and write.  I had been itching to get to my book since the conference the day before, but timing hadn’t worked out since I was so tired by the time I got home I basically just crashed.  I really got a lot done in three hours.  I probably would have kept working if some man hadn’t kept trying to talk to me about balloons.  I don’t do well with distractions.  I made my way over to the library to pick up the latest edition of Wake Living and saw that my most recent article was published!  I still find it so strange to see my name in print.

WL cover


How was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting?


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