Lily and Laura


It took me a while to hop on the Lily and Laura train, but this weekend I decided to just be impulsive and buy one to see how I liked it.  I’ve got to say, I’m pleasantly surprised.  The bracelet is the perfect addition to my stack and I am actually really glad I bought it.  Last weekend I saw that both of my best friends had their own Lily and Laura bracelets, so I’ve had them on my mind for about week. I thought the price was a bit high for what it is, really $12 for a beaded bracelet?  But, I guess you pay for trends, right?

After I bought it, I decided to do a little research to see what made them so special.  And I am thrilled to say that one of their main selling points is that their business focus is to pay more than fair trade wages to their artisan workers in Nepal.  I have a real appreciation for people who take care of the people who work for them.

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Do you have a Lily and Laura bracelet?  I’d love to see how you wear yours!


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