Month: September 2014

Happy International Coffee Day!


I was given a very friendly announcement this morning as I was getting ready.  Today is International Coffee Day!

If you go to Dunkin Donuts they will give you a free medium cup of dark roast coffee!  Let’s just say that my Monday got off to a great start!  Starbuck’s is having free samples of their anniversary blend.  For more information on where to go to celebrate International Coffee Day, visit ABC 11 at this link:

Happy Monday to all you coffee lovers out there!

photo 4




Castle is finally back!!!  I feel like it has been forever since it has been on air.  Last we saw, Kate and Castle were going to get married and Castle’s car had been in an accident.  Now, we all know that the main character can’t be dead,  but I can’t wait to see what excitement he has gotten himself into this time!

Everyday, when I get home from work, I turn my tv to channel 26 (TNT, I believe) and watch re-runs of Castle just so I can stay in touch a little bit.  I’m really bad about getting super attached to TV shows, so I am SUPER excited that it is starting tonight.  You better believe that when 9:45 rolls around I’m going to be curled up on my couch with a blanket and a glass of wine!

Do you have any shows that you watch religiously?


I am so incredibly excited about the return of Revenge.  It is such a solid show and really has a lot of depth too it.  Plus, I love the clothes they wear.  I feel like if a show inspires my inner fashion diva, then it must be a pretty good show.  These are some of my favorite outfits from the show so far:

On My Radar


This week has been a doozy already, so I feel it necessary to post my #omr things.

1.  Apollos Hester

I heard about this video on the radio the other day and I was instantly hooked.  I was driving to work on a dreary Monday morning and this was exactly the pick me up I needed.  First thing I did when I got into the office was post it on our Facebook page to try to share the motivation with our followers.

2.  The Strength of Christ

3.  The new Kate Spade Calendars

I just got one of the new Kate Spade calendars (specifically the one pictured below) and I am obsessed.  I’ve always been a Lilly Pulizter calendar girl, but I thought it was time to graduate from the bright colors into something a little more sophisticated, and this was the perfect solution.  The inside is fun and flirty, but the outside is sharp and professional.

4.  Taylor Swift

I always find it interesting to hear star’s back stories.  I know someone who went to high school with Taylor Swift, and I thought that was so cool to hear her perspective, but to now hear Taylor Swift speak out is really exciting.

5.  State Fair

I’ve never been to the fair in North Carolina.  I’m pretty sure I went when my family lived in Tennessee, but since I’ve lived here it just wasn’t something that was on my list of things to do.  Now that I am getting older I am super excited to take an evening and go to the fair to eat corn dogs, funnel cake and popcorn all while riding exciting attractions and visiting the various booths they have set up.


Fall Bucket List

Happy first full day of Fall!  I could not be more excited for the cooler weather and changing leaves.  Fall has always been my favorite season, but this year, I am going to take full advantage of the cherished season.  I’ve come up with a Fall Bucket List full of all of the things I want to do this Fall!


Fall Fashion

I am so looking forward to tights, scarves, coats and boots this fall!  I am just getting ready to put all of my summer clothes away and unpack my fall favorites.  I love feeling cozy with oversized sweaters and a cup of coffee. At 10:29 pm, we will officially begin the fall season, and I could not be happier!  I’ve been scouring the pages of Pinterest for fall fashion inspiration and I am ready to break out the attire for the season!

Movies I NEED to See

I was recently informed that my repertoire of classic movies is severely lacking. I’ve seen most of the girly ones (duh!) but I really need to get caught up on so many movies that everyone (apparently) needs to see. I love Netflix because I can probably watch most of them there, and if not, the I guess I’ll be ordering them on Amazon!
The Classics:
The Breakfast Club
Sixteen Candles
Good Will Hunting
The Godfather

The Girlies:
When Harry Met Sally
Love Actually
The Way We Were
Autumn in New York

These are the titles I’ve been given, but I’m totally open to more! Do you have any suggestions??