Inspirational Coffee Shop

photo 4

The Barista Station (and Pastry Cabinet!!!)

# 99 on my 101 in 1001 list is to find an inspirational coffee shop.  Last weekend I left the gym after my workout but wasn’t quite ready to go home.  I roamed around a few stores for a while and then remembered that I had seen this sign for a coffee shop probably a million times and never stopped in.  It was literally a hole in the wall, but it was amazing!  The second I walked in I knew I had made the right choice.  Growing up in Asheville and going to school in Boone, meant that there was no scarcity in inspiring coffee shops.  Moving to the city meant that it was going to be more difficult to find a coffee shop that had the right feel to get my creative juices flowing.

photo 3

View from the Outside

For the past few months, I’ve been posting up at Starbucks to write, but it has just not been quite right.  I love taking a cup of Starbucks into work because to me Starbucks says, “I’m ready to hit the ground running and cross things off my to do list.”  But to me, when I am trying to write, I need somewhere I can relax, soak up the atmosphere and just feed off the energy of my surroundings.  And I have finally found my coffee shop.

photo 3

Productivity at it’s finest 🙂

New World Coffee House is a little off the beaten path, down a side road, but tucked right in a location that is convenient to all the excitement in my neighborhood.  They have a wide selection of coffee drinks, pastries, biscotti (!!!) and even lunch items.  I overheard someone talking about their lunch menu and apparently their food is pretty good.  And everything was reasonably priced.

photo 1

Table (so cute!)


photo 5

Lunch Menu

Do you have a favorite coffee shop you love to go to??


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