TDF – To Die For

One of my favorite bloggers has a regular post she does called, “On my Radar” and I just love that I can expect to see it at least once a week.  I wanted to do something kind of similar to highlight the things I see in my many shopping adventures.  I am a pathological window shopper.  I love to walk around and see what is out there at the high-end stores and then I try to find it at a better price.  I call it treasure hunting, my friends call it time consuming.  My thoughts are, if you can get more bang for your buck, why not add a little challenge in there as well?  Thus, the “TDF” post is born.  The things I find on my scooterpoofin’** trips that I can’t help but swoon over!

1.  Sailboat Door Knocker


How adorable is this?  I saw it at Furbish Studio and I practically swooned.  My apartments are super nautical and my door is red, so it would be a perfect fit.  It would also make a great introduction to a beach house or a nautical, summery themed house!

2.  Monogrammed Acrylic Tray


I love this tray from Shop Dandy!  It is perfect for putting your jewelry after the end of a long day, or even for using on your desk to hold things like paper clips and thumb tacks.

3.  Place Card Set


I am always in the mood for planning a good party, and these Kate Spade place cards would be the perfect addition to a high class, girly afternoon tea or late night champagne gathering!

4.  Flamingo Smoking Slipper


C. Wonder has done it again.  I saw these this summer and fell in love, but now they are on sale for $68.00.  Need I say more?  Plus, right now, all sale is an additional 50% off!

5.  White Tipped Matches


I’ve been searching for some matches that I could put in a little decorative cup on my bedside table, but they are actually kind of hard to find.  Design Darling has a great selection of classy looking matches that would make a great, practical accent for your home.


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