For the Love of Durham

I live in Raleigh, but I work in Durham.  If most of my friends weren’t in Raleigh, I would absolutely live in Durham.  It is so hip and the Warehouse and Tobacco Districts downtown are so rich in culture and history I could just walk around there all day.  The Southpoint Mall has the greatest stores and the Durham Bulls games are a great weekend activity.  If you’ve ever wondered about Durham, or thought about visiting, then this list is perfect for you.  Here are my favorite things, and the ‘must sees’ for your time in the town.

1.  South’s Tastiest Town According to Southern Living


One of the main attractions in Durham is the food.  There will be another post coming soon with my favorite places to eat!

2.  Dame’s Chicken and Waffles

There are so so so many different restaurants to eat at in Durham.  That is a completely different post in itself.  But one place that is a signature location in Downtown Durham is Dame’s Chicken and Waffles.  It sounds weird and totally gross, but it is SUCH good food.  It’s a little bit pricey, but so good.

3.  DPAC

DPAC has some of the best shows coming through.  Last year, Aaron and I went and saw Beauty and the Beast and it was incredible.  There is nothing like watching a live show.  It captivates you in a way that watching something on TV just can’t do.  If you’re looking for a great event to get dressed up for, this would be it.

4.  Southpoint Mall

The shopping at Southpoint is great.  They’ve got Anthro, J.Crew, Pottery Barn, C. Wonder, Lilly Pulitzer, Urban Outfitters and many many others, but those are some of my favorite places to go.  The outside section really adds to the whimsy that the inside design has.  It really does look like you’re walking down the street rather than an indoor mall.

5.  Parker and Otis

I go here multiple mornings a week to grab a skim cappuccino.  Their coffee is so good, as well as their food.  If you’re looking for a brunch or lunch location, this is it.  They’ve got the perfect assortment of southern and eclectic food, and can satisfy any pallet.  I had a grilled pimiento cheese sandwich a couple of weeks ago.  Need I say more?

6.  Durham Bulls Game

If you’re looking for something a little more fast paced or action packed, then a Bulls game might be just what you need.  They are fun and entertaining and definitely a local favorite.


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