Emily Giffin Book Signing

#76 on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days is to go to an Emily Giffin book signing.  This weekend, she was in Winston-Salem, which is only about an hour and a half from me.  I could not have been more excited.  She came for an annual book festival they have.  Since she is a Wake Forest Alum she has ties to Winston-Salem, so I am so glad she decided to come back.



Aaron drove me all the way down there and we found parking super close and literally just walked up to the tent, stood in line for maybe 5 minutes and then she signed my books!  She had a signing and a presentation prior to her final signing, but I was glad I waited until the later signing because it definitely saved us from some of the crowds.  I was so tempted to bring literally all of my EG books but I chose Something Borrowed and The One and Only!  I LOVED The One and Only, but Something Borrowed will always be my favorite.


I can not begin to express how excited I was to meet her.  She is so inspiring and I love her writing style.  She really is a modern day Jane Austen.  I also felt super trendy/smart/sophisticated being at a book signing, not gonna lie! haha  She was also really nice.  Aaron was designated photographer for the day and she asked him what his name was and thanked him for driving me all the way from Raleigh, then proceeded to give us a couple of buttons and a t-shirt(which I plan to wear to work!).  For someone so successful to be so real and genuinely kind to people was really encouraging.  I really admire her and look up to her as a writer and a person.  She had to overcome several obstacles  before she experienced the success she has now, and I find her determination inspiring.

Do you have a favorite author or have you ever been to a book signing?



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