Planning a Trip to NYC

My best friend and I have just decided to go to NYC together in January.  I have always wanted to go and it is about time I do.  I’ve been poring over travel guides and googling various tourist attractions and tips.

These are the websites that have been helpful:

    1. This is the official guide to visiting New York.  It is the number one site that shows up when you google New York Travel Tips.  They have helpful info on where to eat and stay, as well as a list of sites to see you don’t want to miss!
    1. If you’re traveling on a budget then this website has a lot of different information for eating and traveling to save yourself a little extra money.
    1. This is one of my favorite blogs.  In the top menu bar she has NYC listed as one of the options.  If you click on it, you will soon realize that she details her favorite restaurants, places to shop and things to eat.  If you follow her blog, it is really entertaining because she actually visits some of these places, so it is neat to see them put into a full-on list.
    1. This website has all of the info you need to know on Central Park.  I really want to try to spend a good amount of time absorbing the atmosphere of Central Park.  And with any luck, it might just be snowing.
    1. Sometimes you just want to travel your way and forge your own path and this site offers information on sites to see and places to eat, among many other things.  I have found it to be incredibly helpful.
    1. New York Travel Tips has many different postings about visiting NYC.  Everything from top ice cream and coffee shops to features on the different boroughs.
    1. I love the writing style of this blog.  It is very genuine and really catchy.  They have information for any kind of traveler.  Whether you are a foodie or a fashionista, they have a great selection of information.
    1. “About hotspots, travel and things to love…” this site is a great travel blog for anywhere you are trying to go.  Their New York City Guide is especially helpful in delivering information about the different parts of town and what to do there.
    1. This site offers a list of different blogs you should visit if you are visiting NY and even breaks down what each of them is best for.
    1. City Guide – Things to Do in New York City has some really helpful hints and is written in a very candid manner.  It is honest and points out some really helpful information for traveling in the city.  I love how it is broken into categories, it make for a very easy read.

I also have a list of everything we’re wanting to do.  We are both big fans of Gossip Girl, Central Park, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and many other classic New York things.  Here is the list of things we came up with that we want to do on our trip to New York!

  1. Statue of Liberty – Staten Island Ferry is free and has a great view of the Statue!
  2. Broadway Show
  3. Eat on the Steps of the Met – We’re going to E.A.T. for lunch, which is right around the corner.
  4. Central Park
    1. Things to see in Central Park (in order of walking)
      • The Mall and Literary Walk – South End
      • Balto – South End
      • Carousel – South End (near restroom)
      • Bow Bridge – Mid Park
      • Bethesda Fountain – Mid Park
      • Conservatory Water – Mid Park
      • Reservoir – North End
  5. Highline Park in Brooklyn
  6. Brooklyn Bridge
  7. 5th Avenue/Madison Avenue
  8. 9/11 Memorial
  9. Upper East Side
  10. Laduree for Macarons
  11. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  12. Pizza
  13. Cheesecake
  14. Bagels
  15. Times Square
  16. Grand Central Terminal
  17. Shake Shack and Burger Joint in Madison Square Park
  18. Greenwich Village
  19. Ride in a Yellow Cab
  20. Take the Subway – MTA = $30
  21. Plaza Hotel for afternoon tea
  22. Hudson River
  23. Wall Street

Have you traveled to NYC?  Do you have any tips or things we shouldn’t miss on our trip??


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