The Dilemma With Shoes

It has recently been brought to my attention that I shouldn’t wear my nice shoes when I am going to and from places, visiting the grocery store or just walking around town.  I have always been one to wear my nice shoes out because I figure, what is the point of having them if I’m just going to wear flip flops when people see me?  Thus the internal debate ensues.

Pros and Cons of Wearing Your Nice Shoes

People See Them

The whole point of wearing cute shoes is that you want people to see them, so why not wear them all day.  Hey, you never know who you may run into on your morning Starbucks visit.

You Feel Great

There is a lot to be said about feeling great with the way you look.  For me, I don’t feel complete without my heels.

Your Outfit Always Looks Complete

Flip flops really just don’t cut it with your pencil skirt.  I, personally, never want to get caught with my outfit looking less than complete.


They Wear Out Faster

Scuffs, scratches and dings oh my!  Seriously, wearing nice shoes all the time really does lend itself to causing you to have to buy more shoes more often.  It’s hard to continue to wear shoes when they don’t look top notch, and wearing them all the time really does make them wear out faster.

Your Feet Start to Hurt

Let’s be honest.  Heels generally make something hurt by the end of the day.  Whether it is your toes, ankles, legs or feet in general, heels just aren’t always comfortable.

You Don’t Have a Spare Pair

What if it starts randomly raining and you don’t have that pair of flip flops with you?  What do you do to preserve your pumps?  I’m not one to run around barefoot, so I’ve been known to throw trash bags and rubber bands on to keep my feet dry.  It may not be cute, but it gets the job done when I’m trying to get from the office to my car.

What are your thoughts on wearing shoes out and about all the time? I seriously can’t decide.  I see the benefits of both sides!


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