A Break From Coffee

For anyone who knows me, it comes as no surprise that I would label myself as a coffee-addict.  I LOVE coffee and drink entirely too much of it.  So, I’ve decided to try to cut down on my coffee intake.

photo (3)

I’m definitely not going cold turkey, I’m just going to try to tone it down a little bit.  I usually have three to four cups in the morning before work, one cup mid morning and then a cup of decaf after dinner.  That’s a lot of coffee and I want to make sure that I continue to enjoy it, but also that I don’t ruin my teeth for all eternity.  I have just been shopping and stocked my cabinets with tea!  I love tea, I just don’t drink it very often because I’m always drinking coffee. I got one of the Twinings of London variety packs, so I shouldn’t get too tired of any flavors.  I also bought some biscotti to go with it so I can feel super European!  So excited!

What are some of your favorite coffee substitutes?  Do you have a favorite type of tea or biscotti?


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