Easy Lunches

I’ve been having such a hard time packing my lunch lately.  Like, I actually dread it.  I never used to be that way, but recently I have just not wanted to pack lunch for myself so then I either go out for lunch or just skip (definitely not good).  My friend has been bringing these frozen lunches, so I decided to start researching some interesting ways to prepare easy lunches because I don’t always want to eat a frozen meal.  These are some of my favorites:

1.  Salad in a Mason Jar

I love salads, but I hate prepping them.  I’ve found that you can prepare all of them at the beginning of the week and then put them in mason jars.  If you do it all at once it is much more efficient with your time because you only have to cut veggies once, plus it saves you on dishes!  The biggest thing is just to make sure that everything is dried really well (especially the lettuce) so it doesn’t end up soggy by Friday!

2.  Leftovers

Making more food than you actually need is the perfect way to have lunch for the next couple of days.  I usually just pack it up in tupperware and then all I have to do in the morning is pull it out of the fridge.  It’s so easy and most things usually taste pretty good re-heated!

3. Cooking Ahead

Cooking things on the weekend is my favorite because then I actually get to enjoy the act of cooking, rather than trying to cook while I’m tired or starving.

4.  Pre-Packing Your Food

By going ahead and bagging up all your veggies, crackers, etc. you save yourself the time of doing it each morning, or evening after a long day.

Do you have any tips for making lunches easier?


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