The Skimm

Have you heard about The Skimm?  My best friend told me about it over Christmas and I have been following ever since.  The girls who write it basically read the news, take the highlights, put them into layman’s terms and then send it to your inbox.  Genius.  I love being up to date on current events, but I don’t always like watching the news because it tends to stress me out.  The Skimm is a great way to stay up to date on current events without having to invest too much time in watching each loop of the news, reading the whole paper or surfing through a webpage for hours searching for the information you’re looking for.

The women who started it are so inspiring and just plain adorable.  At the beginning of each Skimm, they will say something like “Skimm’d while watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – with a cheese plate.”  I mean, honestly, can they be any more real?  I’ve been guilty of watching the show while eating a bowl of ice cream and wishing I looked like the models.

If you’re like me and you’re a busy young professional, I definitely recommend at least trying it out.  I’ve found it incredibly helpful and informative.  If you aren’t fully convinced, visit their Website, or read this article from the Huffington Post!


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