What’s In My Bag

Remember that amazing C. Wonder bag I bought a few weeks ago?  Well, I haven’t stopped carrying it since I bought it and I’m in love.  I definitely recommend it.  The little pockets on the inside are perfect for holding my phone and lipgloss, or whatever else I need.  These are some things that I currently have in my bag.

what's in my BAG

1.  Sharpie Pen

These things are seriously amazing.  I’m super particular about what I use to write in my calendar and other personal notebooks, and the Sharpie pen is definitely a go to.

2.  Chapstick/Clinique Chubby Lipstick

My sweet sister gave me the perfect shade of this lovely Clinique Chubby Lipstick and I’m obsessed.  I also carry chapstick in case the wind is super cold that day and my lips end up hurting.

3.  iPhone

I feel like I don’t even need to mention this, but I always have my phone with me.  Always.

4.  Minimergency Kit

This thing is seriously amazing.  I swear it has everything in it.  I’ve had this particular one since high school and I (luckily) haven’t had to use it yet, but you never know when it might come in handy.

5.  Altoids

Or really any type of mint.  I refuse to carry around my toothbrush, so mints are the next best thing for after coffee or lunch, or to calm my nerves before an important meeting.

6.  Wallet

I have a really cute black wallet that my grandmother gave me a few years back.  I love it.  I have no idea where she got it, but it is the perfect size and is super chic.

7.  Hand Lotion

I am a compulsive hand washer.  I wash my hands all.the.time.  I really don’t like getting sick and I interact with so many people on a daily basis that I end up washing my hands a lot.  During the winter, especially, they get super dry so I always try to keep a bottle of lotion handy.

8.  Nail Polish

I always carry nail polish with me for when I have an unfortunate chip.  When my polish chips I can’t focus on anything but that chip until I’ve either picked off all the polish or touched it up.  For me, touching up seems to be the better option.

9.  Hand Sanitizer

Again with the washing of the hands.  I don’t always have access to a sink, so hand sanitizer it is.

10. Coffee Mug

I love drinking coffee on my commute to work.  I have a 30 minute drive, so I turn on NPR or my favorite talk show (Bobby Bones) and sip on the coffee.  It is handy to keep the mug in my bag throughout the day for if I want to fill it up with water or save $.10 when I’m buying a fresh brew.

11. Deodorant

I swear my office is the hottest place in the building.  I never ever want to worry about how I smell, so I say it is better safe than sorry.  I would rather keep some deodorant with me and not need it than need it and not have it.

12. Flash Drive

I love writing and never know when I’m going to have some down time to jot down a few words, so I constantly keep my flash drive with me.

13. Kate Spade Agenda

I’m very traditional when it comes to my calendar.  I can’t get into keeping everything on my phone.  Plus, I love the act of writing it down.  I keep my agenda with me everywhere I go because I never know when I might need to check it or schedule something.

14. Something Borrowed

This is my all-time favorite book and I am reading it for the millionth time.  It’s fine.  And it’s worth it.  I really enjoy Emily Giffin’s writing style and this book is definitely worth the read if you haven’t read it already.

15. Gym Lock

I never know when I’m going to be hitting the gym after work, so it is easier to keep my lock with me so I can keep all of my stuff secure while I’m working out.  There’s nothing worse than a missing lock being the reason you decided not to go to the gym.  It’s 2015.  No excuses for me.

16. Hair Accessories

Now that my hair is getting longer, there are times when I just need to get it out of my face or off my neck.  I try to always keep at least two bobby pins and a hair tie in my purse at all times.

17. Starbucks Card

I love a good cup of coffee, and sometimes I really need that afternoon pick-me-up, so having a Starbucks card handy is super helpful (thanks Dad!).


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