Charming Charlie’s

10 Things Under $10

1.  Anthropologie Mini Candle

I love candles so much and this one is so tiny and the perfect size to tuck away somewhere for when you need a little freshness to add to your home.

2.  Urban Outfitters Reactive Glaze Mug

I really like the texture of this mug.  It is the perfect size, in that you can get all your coffee and creamer in there without feeling like it’s either going to overflow or like you have to fill it up every five minutes.

3.  Pier1 Morning Joe Coffee Scoop

morning joe

I drink a lot of coffee, so this would be really helpful in my kitchen, not to mention how cute it is.  It would look great hanging on the wall behind my coffee pot.

4.  Forever 21 Ruffle Umbrella


It has been raining in Raleigh a lot lately.  I have three umbrellas and I feel like they have all gotten their fair share of use.  All that to say, I wouldn’t mind adding this frilly, black umbrella to my collection to spice things up.  Plus, it reminds me a little bit of Mary Poppins’ umbrella.

5.  Papyrus Yellow and Pink Bling Pen


Pretty pens are the perfect way to dress up any meeting or occasion.  By having one in your purse, you are always prepared in style.  Think about it, are you more impressed by someone who pulls out a pen from their doctor’s office, or someone who has a pen that is a little bit more fancy and fits their personality?  For me, the answer is clear as day.

6.  Old Navy Faux-Leather Gloves


These gloves are faux-leather, but they look really nice.  The bright red will really brighten an outfit, especially during some of the more dreary winter days.

7.  Gap Mix-Dot Socks


When it’s cold outside, socks get a lot more use.  I feel like I keep seeing the same ones over and over again.  Socks never go out of style and, in my mind, you can never have too many.  They are so fun [and warm] and you can wear them as your fun little secret.

8.  Charming Charlie’s Double Dose Sunglasses

Double Dose Sunglasses

I like the tortoise shell outside with the blue inside.  The pairing is classy, with a hint of edge.  The shape is great, too, as they aren’t too big or too small, so they appeal to a wider range of people.

9.  H&M Bow Key Ring


This little key ring is less than four dollars.  I love bows and the pink color is perfect.  It would make the perfect decoration to brighten up your ordinary key ring, without breaking the bank.

10.  Target 2015 Desktop Calendar


Every time I go to Target I see this calendar and I think about getting it.  Then, I saw it at one of my best friend’s houses and loved it even more outside of the store.  It is pink with gold dots.  To me, it seems very Kate Spade-esque, while still being less than ten dollars.  I may not be able to resist much longer 🙂

I love buying small things that are ten dollars or less and tucking them away for if I ever have a party to go to or need something to give someone who needs a pick-me-up.  I always find such fun things when I am out an about.  I’ve got to say, T.J. Maxx also has some really great finds in their home goods section.  I’m talking jewelry dishes for five dollars and coffee mugs for six.  The options are seemingly endless.

Do you have any favorite items that are less than ten dollars?  Please share!