Bean Boot KeyChain

I found the most exciting thing today…a Bean Boot Key Chain! ¬†Can we talk about how incredibly cute it is??

Baby bean boots!! TOO CUTE

via bellesbourbonsandbowties, because I like her picture better than mine ūüôā

Yesterday I stopped in a thrift store and saw it sitting on a table and instantly freaked out. ¬†It has little tiny laces and it even has the same logos written in the same places on the boot. ¬†I probably won’t use it as an actual key chain because I think it is way too cute for that. ¬†I will more than likely use it as a decoration on my desk at home or put it somewhere in my apartment. ¬†Any suggestions for what I should do with it??




Apartment Styling

When I graduated and moved out of my parent’s house, I took all of my stuff with me. ¬†I mean everything. ¬†I thought that was what you were supposed to do. ¬†My mom recently brought it to my attention that I did not have to do that and I could bring some of it home if I wanted to. ¬†In fact, she encouraged it. ¬†So I packed up all of my Precious Moments, high school pictures and other things from my pre-graduate life. ¬†This left my apartment looking bare and totally unpersonalized. ¬†So I decided to start scouring the pages of Pinterest to find ideas and inspiration for how I can make my apartment my own bachelorette pad.

I came up with a list of things I was going to want to have to make my apartment have the sophisticated classic feel I was going for.  It is still a work in progress, but from my Pinterest research, these were the top things I decided were musts for me:

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1.  A Small Vase with White Tulips for my Coffee Table

2.  Acrylic Jewelry Stands for my Tall Dresser

3.  Cute Picture Frames (preferably silver)

4. ¬†Kitchen Table Centerpiece (I’m thinking a clear, round vase with pink hydrangeas)

5.  Sunburst Mirror (to put over my bed)

6. ¬†Frame my Small Kate Spade Shopping Bag (it’s white and pink and I already had a framed green one so they look perfect together)

7.  Get an Iron Bedframe (My parents have one that they are giving me!!!)

8.  A Small Clear Vase with Pink Flowers (to sit next to my acrylic jewelry stands)

9.  Silver Dish for Perfume

10.  A Tray for All of my Coffee Stuff in my Kitchen

11.  Olive Oil Dispense for my Kitchen Soap

12.  A Tray for my Coffee Table (still deciding if I actually need this one or not)

13.  Framed Chanel Picture (printed from Pinterest!)

14.  Milk Glassware (to go on top of my cabinets in my kitchen)

15.  Bookends (for my long dresser)

16.  Silver Vases for Flowers

17.  Teacups with Flowers in them

18.  Candles

19.  Bookshelf

20.  Placemats for my Kitchen Table


Do you have certain pieces that you want to add to your home to make it feel more put together?

TDF – To Die For

One of my favorite bloggers has a regular post she does called, “On my Radar” and I just love that I can expect to see it at least once a week. ¬†I wanted to do something kind of similar to highlight the things I see in my many shopping adventures. ¬†I am a pathological window shopper. ¬†I love to walk around and see what is out there at the high-end stores and then I try to find it at a better price. ¬†I call it treasure hunting, my friends call it time consuming. ¬†My thoughts are, if you can get more bang for your buck, why not add a little challenge in there as well? ¬†Thus, the “TDF” post is born. ¬†The things I find on my scooterpoofin’** trips that I can’t help but swoon over!

1.  Sailboat Door Knocker


How adorable is this?  I saw it at Furbish Studio and I practically swooned.  My apartments are super nautical and my door is red, so it would be a perfect fit.  It would also make a great introduction to a beach house or a nautical, summery themed house!

2.  Monogrammed Acrylic Tray


I love this tray from Shop Dandy!  It is perfect for putting your jewelry after the end of a long day, or even for using on your desk to hold things like paper clips and thumb tacks.

3.  Place Card Set


I am always in the mood for planning a good party, and these Kate Spade place cards would be the perfect addition to a high class, girly afternoon tea or late night champagne gathering!

4.  Flamingo Smoking Slipper


C. Wonder has done it again.  I saw these this summer and fell in love, but now they are on sale for $68.00.  Need I say more?  Plus, right now, all sale is an additional 50% off!

5.  White Tipped Matches


I’ve been searching for some matches that I could put in a little decorative cup on my bedside table, but they are actually kind of hard to find. ¬†Design Darling has a great selection of classy looking matches that would make a great, practical accent for your home.