Healthy Snacking

One of my lifestyle changes for the year has been to make my life more health centered.  I feel better when I am eating well and exercising often. Yes, it takes a LOT of time, but I think it is completely worth it.  I know I talk about Tone It Up a lot, but I really appreciate the way the trainers take time to encourage their followers.  They make fitness plans each week that can be easily incorporated into any lifestyle.  The community that comes with being a follower is also really great, everyone is always encouraging each other to keep up their hard work and continue to work toward their goals.

Healthy Snacking

I get really hungry throughout the day, so snacking is a must for me.  I need a little something to help me get through the day, especially when I’m exercising as much as I am on a regular basis.  Plus, I just really, really enjoy food!

1.  Almonds

Almonds, or really any nut, make a great snack because they are full of all kinds of nutrients you need and you can easily throw them in a zip lock bag and put them in your purse for when you need a little pick me up.

2.  Granola Bars

I really like to have a granola bar with me at all times because I never know when I’m going to be out and about and start feeling hungry.  A granola bar is enough to tide you over until you can get home and eat your next meal.  Having one on hand also keeps me from making bad decisions when I’m passing a fast food restaurant.

3.  Deli Meat

I know Paleo is a huge thing right now, and I’m definitely not Paleo, but a light meat really does make for a great snack.  I like to roll up pieces of ham or turkey and put either cream cheese or hummus inside.  So good!

4.  Water

Sometimes when you think you’re hungry, it’s really just your body trying to tell you it’s thirsty.  Drinking lots of water helps with digestion and also keeps you from eating too much.

5.  Apples and Peanut Butter

Probably one of my favorite snacks of all time.  Really, it’s so good.  I also sometimes sprinkle a few oats on top for a little extra texture.  It is really filling and the perfect mix of crunchy sweetness.

6.  String Cheese

String cheese is super easy to pack up and carry around.  I prefer cheddar or jack cheese, so I will usually buy a big bag and keep it in my fridge for when I need something extra to add to my lunch.  They also come in small rectangles that you can eat if the stick/cylinder shape makes you uncomfortable.

7.  Grapes

Grapes are so good.  I really like to freeze them and have them as a late afternoon snack.  It’s almost like I’m eating candy, but it’s grapes!

8.  Yogurt

There are so many good things about yogurt.  I like it because one little container doesn’t have very many calories and the sweetness is usually just what I need.  I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and sometimes I get a craving for something sweet and yogurt really curbs that craving.

Eating healthy is so important to any fitness goal.  Sure, it takes a little bit more time, but you absolutely reap the benefits very quickly as you see yourself getting closer to attaining the goals you set out for yourself.




On My Radar

One of my favorite bloggers regularly writes an “on my radar” post.  I looked for different ways to say the same thing, and nothing had the same ring to it.  I love that she compiles different things that are all noteworthy, but may not fall into any of the same categories.  It is the perfect way to highlight popular, interesting things that don’t necessarily have any relation to one another.  So, here goes!

1.  Revenge



My friend just introduced me to this show and I have essentially been watching it non-stop.  At first, I wasn’t sold, but the more I watch it, the more intrigued I become.  Seriously, it’s a show worth watching.  I would say it takes about three episodes to really get into it, but it’s so good!

2.  Tone it Up



I started watching these exercise videos this summer and then completely forgot about them.  I recently stumbled across their website via Pinterest and was reminded of how awesome they are!  These girls are so uplifting and they almost form a friendship with you.  They have recipes, workouts and clothes on their website.

3.  May Designs


My best friend gave me one of these for Christmas and it looks so perfect on my desk.  I would venture to say that it inspires productivity.  The website is really user friendly and has so many different options for covers and also for the pages inside.  They even just released a new calligraphy practice book!

4. Dairy-Free Milk


I’m lactose-intolerant.  I always have been, but I love dairy products so much that I have a really hard time giving them up.  Lately, I’ve made a resolution to start taking care of my body, and that means listening to it when it tells me it doesn’t like something.  So, I’ve cut dairy products out.  I’ve started trying out different types of milk: soy, almond and coconut are the highlights.  I actually really like the coconut milk, it’s a really different taste but it’s so good!

5. Flirty Exercise Clothes

Run: Speed Squad Tank


I’ve always been a runner, but with my knee injury, I’ve been forced to get creative with my exercise routines.  This means that I spend a lot more time in the gym than I do outside, and shorts and a t-shirt just don’t cut it when you’re surrounded by soccer moms and country club wives who are dressed to the nines.  I’ve seen women working out in their Yurman and pearls.  I’ve come to realize that the way women are dressing for the gym is more versatile than I originally thought.  The clothes are meant to be worn running errands, going to the nail salon and also going to the gym.  The helps to avoid having several outfit changes throughout the day.  Genius.