NYC Packing List

In just more than a week I will be heading to NYC with my best friend and favorite travel partner.  We are so similar in our travel styles that it always works out perfectly for us to travel together.  We like to plan ahead, create an itinerary and coordinate outfits with the events we will be doing each day.  I’ve been doing a lot of research for what I need to be packing and how I need to prepare for a winter in NYC, and I’ve gotta tell you, I’m not sure how I am going to fit it all in my suitcase!

Top 10 Things to Do in NYC on a budget. This is an amazing collection of ideas and insider knowledge!


It is going to be really cold, and possibly snowing, and when it is not snowing, it is probably going to be slushy from the melting/salted snow from before.  Either way, a lot of our time will be spent outside, so we need to make sure we dress appropriately.  These are some of my favorite things I will be bringing!

1.  Fleece Lined Tights

Genius.  Really.  Pure genius.  I could not have asked for a better invention for this trip.  I love dresses and skirts, they are so feminine and really make an outfit look that much more well thought out.  I think this will really help with some of the wind and also will enable me to wear some of my most fabulous outfits!

2.  Riding Boots

I bought some riding boots last year at Marshall’s, so they weren’t terribly expensive.  I am definitely planning to wear these, they are comfortable and warm, but I also won’t destroy any of my favorite, expensive shoes.

3.  Booties

Booties are all the rage right now, so they are going to be paired with jeans and possibly with the outfit I’m going to wear to the Broadway show!

4.  Sequins

Somehow, I am going to include sequins in my wardrobe for the weekend.  I have an obsession with sequins and I really think they add something to your outfit.  They can easily go from day to night, which is great for light packing!

5.  Sweaters

I plan to wear my sweaters more than once so I can optimize the space in my suitcase.  I figure the things that are going to be seen the most are my coats and scarves, so it is more worth it to keep space for those.  (this was pointed out to me by my best friend.)

6.  Dresses

I have a couple of dresses I’m going back and forth on to bring.  I want to pack something that can go from day to night with ease so that I can save some space in my suitcase.  I will definitely wear a dress to the Broadway show and when we go out for drinks!

7.  Nail Polish

I absolutely need to bring nail polish to freshen up my polish if it chips or anything.  Enough said.

8.  Outerwear/Accessories

Coats, tights, gloves, scarves, hats, ear warmers, oh my!  I’ll be bringing multiple of each so I can make sure to look fresh each day and have a dry set to wear if I happen to get snowed or rained on the day before!

9.  Dressy Outfit

We’re going to brunch at the Plaza, so I’m going to need something that is ‘business casual,’ which we all know means “Something fabulous” in Tiffany terms.

10.  My Pinterest Board

I made this board to offer some inspiration for what I’m going to be packing.  I’m pretty much aware of the fact that it’s probably going to be a game-time decision, but this board is definitely somewhere for me to start!


Easy Lunches

I’ve been having such a hard time packing my lunch lately.  Like, I actually dread it.  I never used to be that way, but recently I have just not wanted to pack lunch for myself so then I either go out for lunch or just skip (definitely not good).  My friend has been bringing these frozen lunches, so I decided to start researching some interesting ways to prepare easy lunches because I don’t always want to eat a frozen meal.  These are some of my favorites:

1.  Salad in a Mason Jar

I love salads, but I hate prepping them.  I’ve found that you can prepare all of them at the beginning of the week and then put them in mason jars.  If you do it all at once it is much more efficient with your time because you only have to cut veggies once, plus it saves you on dishes!  The biggest thing is just to make sure that everything is dried really well (especially the lettuce) so it doesn’t end up soggy by Friday!

2.  Leftovers

Making more food than you actually need is the perfect way to have lunch for the next couple of days.  I usually just pack it up in tupperware and then all I have to do in the morning is pull it out of the fridge.  It’s so easy and most things usually taste pretty good re-heated!

3. Cooking Ahead

Cooking things on the weekend is my favorite because then I actually get to enjoy the act of cooking, rather than trying to cook while I’m tired or starving.

4.  Pre-Packing Your Food

By going ahead and bagging up all your veggies, crackers, etc. you save yourself the time of doing it each morning, or evening after a long day.

Do you have any tips for making lunches easier?


One of my co-workers came to work with awesome looking empanadas for lunch, so naturally I asked him how he made them.  Apparently is was as simple as adding some spices to ground beef, packing them into Grands biscuits and baking them.  I have made them so many times in the past few weeks, and they are super easy to get creative with!  They reheat really well and it’s easy to make a lot of them!

photo 2

I’ve made them with ground beef, chicken and ground turkey.

Check out my Pinterest Boards for my favorite recipes that I’ve either loved or am excited to try!

Apartment Styling

When I graduated and moved out of my parent’s house, I took all of my stuff with me.  I mean everything.  I thought that was what you were supposed to do.  My mom recently brought it to my attention that I did not have to do that and I could bring some of it home if I wanted to.  In fact, she encouraged it.  So I packed up all of my Precious Moments, high school pictures and other things from my pre-graduate life.  This left my apartment looking bare and totally unpersonalized.  So I decided to start scouring the pages of Pinterest to find ideas and inspiration for how I can make my apartment my own bachelorette pad.

I came up with a list of things I was going to want to have to make my apartment have the sophisticated classic feel I was going for.  It is still a work in progress, but from my Pinterest research, these were the top things I decided were musts for me:

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1.  A Small Vase with White Tulips for my Coffee Table

2.  Acrylic Jewelry Stands for my Tall Dresser

3.  Cute Picture Frames (preferably silver)

4.  Kitchen Table Centerpiece (I’m thinking a clear, round vase with pink hydrangeas)

5.  Sunburst Mirror (to put over my bed)

6.  Frame my Small Kate Spade Shopping Bag (it’s white and pink and I already had a framed green one so they look perfect together)

7.  Get an Iron Bedframe (My parents have one that they are giving me!!!)

8.  A Small Clear Vase with Pink Flowers (to sit next to my acrylic jewelry stands)

9.  Silver Dish for Perfume

10.  A Tray for All of my Coffee Stuff in my Kitchen

11.  Olive Oil Dispense for my Kitchen Soap

12.  A Tray for my Coffee Table (still deciding if I actually need this one or not)

13.  Framed Chanel Picture (printed from Pinterest!)

14.  Milk Glassware (to go on top of my cabinets in my kitchen)

15.  Bookends (for my long dresser)

16.  Silver Vases for Flowers

17.  Teacups with Flowers in them

18.  Candles

19.  Bookshelf

20.  Placemats for my Kitchen Table


Do you have certain pieces that you want to add to your home to make it feel more put together?

Toms, Toms, Toms

I remember when Toms first came out with their original, flat shoes.  I bought the gold glitter ones (of course!).  Now they have all kinds of different styles ranging from wedges to flats and basically everything in between.  I love that they offer different heel heights, as well as different patterns on the toes.  AND they have more than one type of wedge.  It’s about time I had some comfortable heels to wear!  I’m the worst about putting my feet in pain for a little bit of fashion.  But not anymore for this girl!  I just bought a pair of the natural crochet strappy wedges and I’m already obsessed.

Following my purchase, I made my way to Pinterest to seek some inspiration for different ways to wear them.  I like to make shoes as versatile as possible…These are some of my favs!


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5 Useful DIY Projects

1.  Coffee Body Scrub

With winter on it’s way out and spring beginning to bloom, that means swimsuit season is just around the corner.  My skin is definitely in need of some love.  This long winter definitely left my skin more dry than usual.  I’ve always loved sugar scrub, but lately I’ve been hearing about coffee body scrubs.  They are supposed to smooth your skin and also help with cellulite. I figure it’s worth a try! This is my favorite recipe that I’ve found! (my only alteration is that I would just use plain white sugar – it’s cheaper!)

2.  EOS Storage

This is seriously so cool to me.  I’m always worried about losing earrings when I travel, so this is the perfect solution.  I found the picture on Pinterest, and there weren’t any instructions so I came up with my own 🙂

–  Once the chapstick is too low to use, get a small spoon and scrape out the remaining chapstick.

–  There will still be some residue left, use dish soap and a textured sponge to scrub the rest out.

– Dry and voila!  Perfect Storage.

3.  Tin Can Silverware Holder

Living in an apartment has it’s pros and cons, but one of the cons is that there never seems to be enough drawer space. This is a really neat way to store silverware in a decorative way that doesn’t look too cluttered!

4.  Reinvented Pickle Jars

I love all the pictures I find on Pinterest of little jars sitting on the bathroom counter, but when I go to the store I am always stunned by the sticker price.  I love this idea for a frugal way to have the same look.  Plus, you can customize it to suit the theme of your home!

5. Jug turned Basket

I would obviously use different fabric, but overall I really like the concept.  I love baskets and I’m all about being green and “upcycling.”  Definitely worth giving a try!


Cooler Painting Season

Welcome to cooler painting season!  It’s time for girls to start shopping for dresses, dates and, most importantly, their cooler themes.  Last year I decided to make a cooler for my spring break trip with my friends, and I loved it!  It was really fun getting to decide the theme for each side, and painting it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.  It required a lot of paint and Modge Podge, but the end result was so worth it.

Looking to paint your own cooler?  Here is a list of some things you’re going to need:

1.  A theme.

For mine, I decided to make each side have a different theme that represented me in some way, but the overall theme was Spring Break!



2.  Good Paint Brushes

Your brushes are key, because you don’t want the bristles to come out in the paint and stay on the cooler.  It looks bad and is also just really annoying when you put so much time into painting it perfectly.

3.  Lots of Paint

I can not stress this enough.  Paint paint paint.  You are going to have to lay it on pretty thick so that it will cover the plastic of the cooler.  It takes some time to dry, but I promise it’s worth it.

4.  A Bottle of Modge Podge

Modge Podge is really important because it’s what helps protect and seal your paint.  I even put shellack on top of that to further protect the paint.  You’re still going to have some chipping, but it will help keep it to a minimum.  I did about 4 layers of MP and one of shellack.

5.  Sponge Brushes

I found that sponge brushes were the best for applying MP and shellack.  I had to throw them away afterwards because I couldn’t get all the sealant out of them, but it was worth it.  They help spread it evenly and give you a smooth, glossy finish.



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Want some more ideas?  Check out my Pinterest board!