Month: January 2014

Happy Juan-uary!

The Bachelor is finally back! I am so thrilled because, for me, it’s like the female version of March Madness.  My friends and I always watch it together, usually over homework but this year will be a little different.  Since we’ve all graduated, we’re going to have to settle for watching it together, virtually.  That means Skype, cell phones, etc.  But we are still going to make sure to complete our brackets so we can see which of us was the most accurate!

There are a couple of different ways you can complete your bracket.

1.  You can fill it all out right now before the season starts and base it completely on the women’s profiles.

2.  You can fill it all out tonight after you meet the women and see their interactions with Juan Pablo.

3.  You can fill it out after each night.

The third option is my favorite because I think it makes it a little more interactive, plus The Bachelor is a little bit different than a basketball tournament.  With basketball, you are able to research the team’s histories and find an accurate account of all of their records.  With The Bachelor, you only know what is told to you in hmm like 5 minutes.  I personally don’t think that’s enough time to determine who someone is going to marry, but it’s up to you!

Happy bracket-ing!

bachelor bracket


101 in 1,001

I recently heard about this concept called 101 in 1,001.  It is where you essentially just make a bucket list with a deadline.  So you put 101 things on the list and you have 1,001 days to complete them.  I think it is a great way to really push yourself to do the things you want to do but never really make a priority.  I am so guilty of dreaming up these things I want to do and I never do them and end up making excuses for myself like, “I’ve got plenty of time to do that.”  Well, sure, I probably do have plenty of time but it’s about time I started making fun things a priority for myself.  So, I made a list of 101 things I want to do and my deadline is September 19, 2016.  It seems like so long away, but I’ve already started trying to cross items off my list!  I’m super excited, and I challenge you to do the same!!

1. Come up with 101 things.  [December 20, 2013]

2. Finish Book

3. Send Book to Publishers

4. Visit a city I’ve never been to before

5. Make an address book

6. Make a recipe box

7. Open an Etsy shop

8. Create and define a brand for myself

9. Themed business cards, resume, etc.

10. Go to a body pump class

11. Throw 10 things away and don’t replace them

12. Journal everyday for a year

13. Invest in 5 coffee table books

14. Send Mom flowers randomly

15. Read at least 1/2 of Rory Gilmore’s reading list

16. Throw a surprise party for a friend

17. Save $*****

18. Find a signature cocktail

19. Determine a dream job and pursue it

20. Visit NYC

21. Take a vacation, alone.

22. Invest in a quality handbag

23. Don’t shop for an entire month

24. Purchase personalized stationary

25. Blog every day for a month

26. Throw a party

27. Design and Create my own garment

28. Get down to ***lbs and stay there

29. Run a 1/2 marathon

30. Run the Disney Marathon

31. Make and finish my college scrapbook

32. Go to church every week for a month

33. Participate in One Dress One Shirt One Month

34. Get to Starbucks gold level [February 13, 2014]

35. Buy the person in line behind me coffee

36. Learn Calligraphy

37. Take a ballroom dancing class

38. Create a personal logo

39. Take the GRE

40. Have a productive commute to work every day for a month

41. Print all my pictures

42. Watch the news every day for a month

43. Buy a pair of Tory Burch flats

44. Go to a Crossfit class [1/21/14]

45. Eat at 5 new local restaurants[2/4/14]

46. Go out for New Year’s

47. Watch all of One Tree Hill [December 22, 2013]

48. Get an iPad

49. Make a quilt

50. No cussing for one month

51. Get a monogrammed signet ring[2/9/14]

52. Donate my hair [December 21, 2013]

53. Travel out of the country

54. Buy a car

55.Purge closet

56. Get a monogrammed clutch

57. Take a Yellow Cab

58. Create a plan for a business venture

59. Glitter the sole or heel of a pair of pumps

60. Be on time/early everywhere for a week

61. Read ‘Gone with the Wind’

62. Go to a drive-in movie theater

63. Create an itemized list of all my clothing

64. Read the Bible chronologically

65. Buy designer sunglasses

66. Go ice skating

67. Go parasailing

68. Get 5k time under 21 minutes

69. Organize all paper files

70. No eating after 8pm for a month

71. In bed before 10pm for a month (not weekends)

72. Leave a 100% tip

73. Open an IRA

74. Wear pink every day for a month

75. Dress posh every day for a month

76. Start using ‘posh’ regularly

77. Continue to grow professionally

78. Get eyebrows waxed (scary!)

79. Learn a signature beauty routine

80. Develop a morning routine

81. Sort and organize all drawers in house

82. Get a label maker and use it

83. Don’t gossip at all for a week

84. Paint a bookcase

85. Get a headboard

86. PR work

87. Keep nails perfectly polished for a month

88. Cook 5 Pinterest Recipes

89. No carbs after 4pm for a week

90. No dessert for one month

91. Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s

92. Get a massage

93. Stop messing with cuticles for one month

94. Have a water balloon fight

95. Go to a homecoming game at App

96. Cook every night for a week

97. Develop a complete and strong volunteer department

98. Find a great pair of jeans

99. Find an inspirational coffee shop

100. Floss every day for a month

101. Do something of meaning

Remember to Chase Your Dreams

Don't forget to Chase Your Dreams

Happy New Year! One of my resolutions is to actually chase my dreams. I have so many and I tend to put them on hold for what is currently convenient and easy. Chasing your dreams often involves risks and challenges, but isn’t that what makes achieving them so much more sweet? So here’s to 2014!